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Deposits and Payments

Acceptable Forms of Payment 

  1. Personal checks and Cashiers Checks are accepted if 2 or more weeks are allowed for the check to clear before the horse leaves.

  2. Cash is also accepted at the time of pick up.

Non-refundable Deposits 

Deposits are non-refundable due to experiences we and other breeders/sellers have had.  When a deposit is made on a horse, we tell other potential buyers that the horse has been sold.  Those potential buyers then spend their money on other horses or for other uses.  Often, at the time that a buyer backs out of the purchase of a horse, those people who had previously wanted the horse are no longer able to buy.  The effects of this are at least two-fold:

  1. Those potential buyers are angry, because the horse they really wanted is now for sale again, but they can't buy it because they've already allocated their money elsewhere.  This creates a negative image of the seller in their minds.

  2. We sellers now have to go through the entire process again of advertising, sending videos, answering inquiries, etc. again in order to sell the horse.  This can become time consuming.


We really don't want you to make a deposit on a horse unless you are SURE you want the horse.
Because of this, we don't anticipate having any problems with non-refundable deposits.  To ensure you are happy with your decision, we will make every effort to answer all of your questions about the horse(s) you are interested in. 

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B-K Quarter Horses
Bob and Kay Linville
20427 State Highway B
Clearmont, Missouri  64431
660-729-3333 phone
660-725-7065 Bob's cell
660-725-7066 Kay's cell

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